15 Nostalgic beauty products with Savers

So… let’s see how many of these iconic beauty products you remember, shall we?

1. Clinique Happy

100ML Clinique Happy Eau de Parfum for her 1

Happiness in a bottle – the classic Clinique Happy! Just one spritz of this floral scented fragrance will transport you back to the 2000’s!

2. Colourful hair clips

Who remembers clipping their fringe back with these stylish bad boys? Bonus points if you used the whole pack for one hair look!

3. Alberto Balsam

If you used Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner, you had the best smelling hair out of all of your pals! Hair on fleek!

4. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Of course we had to include this ICONIC mascara! Luscious looking lashes for under a fiver? Yes please!!!

5. Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste was (and still is) an absolute lifesaver! No time to wash your hair? Batiste! No greasy hair here folks!

6. St Ives Facial Scrub

If this scrub wasn’t a part of your 2000’s skin care routine then you were missing out! Bye-bye flaky skin!

7. CK One

Launched back in 1994, this unisex fragrance still remains one of the most loved scents! A cheeky bit of CK One never goes a miss!

8. Baby Skin

From the creators of the iconic Baby Lips (hands up if you collected these like Pokémon cards!), Baby Skin took the world by storm! This primer made our skin look as smooth as, well… a baby’s!

9. Olay Beauty Fluid

This iconic lotion was an ideal base for our school girl makeup and provided us with super soft skin… thank you Olay!

10. Baby powder

Before the days of dry shampoo, we found out that baby powder did the trick!

11. Heather Shimmer

We obviously couldn’t do a nostalgic beauty blog without including Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer! This iconic 90s lipstick will always be our fave!

12. Pencil Brows

Thick, fluffy brows were not in back in our day! Who remembers trying to get their eyebrows as skinny as possible?

13. Rimmel Sunshimmer

Before the new and improved water resistant formula, who remembers tanning and being caught in the rain? What a disaster! However, that shimmery glow was always worth the struggle!

14. Scrunchies!

We can’t forget a good old scrunchie! This hair accessory was so loved, we’d even wear it on our wrists!

15.Impulse Body Spray

If you whipped a can of this out in the P.E changing rooms you were the most popular girl in school… at least until it ran out!

Bring back your school girl feels and pick up a bottle of the Throwback Impulse

So there we have it, our top 15 nostalgic beauty products! Which products do you still use today? Let us know over on our socials!


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