Popping in for a Costa? Of course you are!

halloween costa

Popping in for a Costa? Of course you are!

Autumn is well and truly here, with windy, wet weather and dark nights drawing in. If you ever needed an excuse for a hot coffee and a slice of cake – you have it now.

We’ve checked out Costa’s new Autumn menu and there’s plenty of seasonal delights!

With Halloween so close we had to start with the spooky sweet treats on offer.

Say hello to the new vegan Walking Vampire Gingerbread. A seasonal take on the much-loved gingerbread, complete with a vampire design. There’s even a new Mallow Pumpkin Shortcake, a fun shortcake biscuit base topped with mallow and an iced pumpkin face.

latte and cakeIf you prefer your gingerbread in a drink, why not try the much-loved Gingerbread & Cream Latte -making its triumphant return. A generous dash of gingerbread syrup with a cream topping, all while featuring an adorable mini gingerbread man.

For a perfect pairing for wintery walks and long overdue catchups with friends, add in the new Gingerbread Muffin.

Also returning to Costa Coffee’s Autumn menu is the iconic seasonal Black Forest & Cream Hot Chocolate, a rich creamy chocolate drizzled in mouth-watering cherry sauce and topped with shimmery chocolate curls.

The new Terry’s Chocolate Orange® Brownie is bound to go down well, but there’s even more…

Keeping with the chocolate theme, there’s the new Golden Caramel & Chocolate Cake. A triple layered chocolate sponge filled with caramel and chocolate frostings. Topped with golden milk chocolate buttons, dark chocolate curls and fudge pieces – all drizzled with glossy caramel.

It doesn’t get any more Autumnal than the new Apple & Caramel Loaf Cake. And back by popular demand is the returning Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake.

toastieIf you’re after something savory, why not tantalise the taste buds with new British Chicken & Mushroom Toastie, made with British roast chicken breast, roasted mushrooms, and a cheese bechamel sauce, all encased between that all-important cheese topped white bread.

Why not send us your photos of your new favourite, so we can share them on our social media?