Christmas Jumper Day: Do You Know Where Your Donations Go?

Christmas jumper day is here!

Whether you get involved by getting all dressed up for the day, starting a fundraising scheme or even just spread the word far and wide,  your donations make a big difference to the lives of so many. Take a look below to find out exactly how your donations can help.

Each year, Save the Children roll out their Christmas Jumper Day campaign, striving to help children build a better future all around the world.

Whether you’ll be at home, at school or in work on the day, Christmas Jumper Day is simple way to raise money for an amazing cause. And all it takes is £2.

Coach Christmas in a headset

Do You Know How Jumpers Change A Life?

Simple medicine saves lives; food helps kids grow up strong and smart; and books help kids see a whole new world. So that £2 donation might look like just £2, but it could warm some tummies, save some lives, and change the future.

Here’s some amazing examples of what Save the Children can do:

  • £2 could pay for hand sanitiser to help fight coronavirus in one of Save the Children’s medical clinics
  • £6 could buy a face shield for a superhero health worker in Yemen
  • £10 could buy antibiotics to help five children beat malnutrition
  • £20 could buy a back-to-school kit for a child in Indonesia
  • £60 could buy toys and books to support children from struggling families in the UK
  • £100 could buy a first aid kit for a health worker in Somalia