It’s Good to be Gruesome

Whether you’re short on time and need spooky snacks sharpish, or you’re looking for frightfully fun foods for your little monsters to devour, Food Warehouse have just the thing.

Freaky Fruits offer the perfect combination of convenience and great taste. They’re super easy to make and make a fang-astic pre-Halloween activity for you and the kids.

Get creepy and creative with their ‘Freaky Fruits’ recipe.

Their Freaky Fruits aren’t only fresh, delicious and fun to make, but they offer something a little different to conventional trick-or-treat snacks too, including one of your five a day.

Here’s everything you need from your nearest food SCAREHOUSE to make our Freaky Fruits


1x pack of Granny Smith apples
1x pack of strawberries
1x Swizzels Matlow 160g Squashies Drumsticks
1x chocolate nibbles

How to Make Freaky Fruits

1. Cut the Granny Smith apples into quarters.
2. In the centre point of the apple slices, cut out a wedge to create the mouth.
3. Cut your strawberries into thin slices to create the tongue.
4. With the Swizzles Squashies, create the whites of the eyes and with the nibbles, create the pupils.
5. Using the Swizzles Squashies create little teeth. Then cut little holes in the apple to place the teeth in.

Bone Appetit!

Once your Halloween handiwork is ready to eat, dish up your delicious fruits on the spookiest plate you can find, ready for the little ones (and adults) to enjoy.