National Feet Week with Willow Brook Clinic

National Feet Week takes place every year and asks everyone to priorities their foot health. You would visit the dentist for a toothache, you would automatically call on an optician if you had trouble with your vision. What about your feet?

Many people ignore common foot complaints or endure serious pain rather than going to see an expert. Podiatrists and Foot Health Professionals are there to help with all manner of foot conditions.

The Willow Brook Clinic specialize in foot healthcare and are located upstairs in the East Offices here at Willow Brook.

Meet the team


Moira de Groot

Foot Health Practitioner

I have always been interested in health and well-being and I have always wanted to help other people. With an ageing population, many people suffering with obesity and with a general lack of foot health professionals, my calling was to help people with their feet. I am delighted to have qualified through the College of Foot Health Professionals in Blackheath, the only Foot Health Practitioner course recognised by the Professional Standards Authority. I have been trained in all elements of foot care and look forward to helping you and your feet.


Olivia Page


BSc (Hons) MChS

I graduated from Durham School of Podiatric Medicine in 2001 with an honours degree in Podiatry. My working life started in the private sector, where I worked in a small clinic in Bath for 3 years, before moving to the NHS. I initially worked for Kennet and North Wiltshire PCT, and then with Bristol North PCT. During my time within the NHS my work diversified to hospital based placements alongside community visits in GP practices and domiciliary care (home visits).

In 2006 I became self employed and I am based at Willow Brook Clinic. I specialise in toe nail surgery and can help with all aspects of foot health. When not working I enjoy my family time and socialising with friends.


Here are some fun facts Willow Brook Clinic have given us about our feet:

  • Foot bones make up a quarter of the bones in your body.
  • You have 26 bones and 33 joints in each foot.
  • Your feet are incredibly well engineered and are able to propel you forwards and backwards and enable you to change direction.
  • Your feet and ankles absorb a force equivalent to approximately 120% of your body weight with each step – make that 275% of your weight when you run.
  • Feet are one of the most ticklish parts of your body and there is a good reason for that. Humans have nearly 8000 nerves in our feet and a large number of nerve endings near the skin. This enables us to determine safe and unsafe surfaces to walk and stand on.

Your feet are your foundation, responsible for your mobility and your independence. Take care of them.


And here are some of their Top Tips:

  • Dry your feet carefully, especially between your toes. Use a tissue to wipe the moisture away from your skin. Use a hairdryer if you cannot reach your feet properly.
  • Moisturize your feet every day – everywhere, except between your toes.
  • Wear socks and change them often. Dry your shoes under a radiator in the winter and outdoors in the summer sunshine.
  • Roll a ball under your foot to help increase your range of movement.
  • Get your feet measured and make sure your shoes fit your feet properly.
  • Make sure your nails are trimmed and filed.

Be kind to your feet, they work tirelessly for you.


National Feet Week is the perfect time to have your feet checked and to get that niggling issue sorted so why not get yourself booked in with Willow Brook Clinic today 01454 625201