autumn veg

Seasonal Culinary Delights

Autumn will soon be upon us and as we get into the swing of September the supermarket shelves are being filled with seasonal fruit and veg.
We’ve taken a look at some of the foods and recipes available to fill those heartier plates.

Here are some seasonal foods to keep an eye out for next time you pop into Tesco at Willow Brook. Click the links to be taken to recipe ideas from Tesco’s Real Food website.



Roasting it brings out its sweeter taste – roast whole and brush with korma spices or paprika for an impressive veggie meal. Or use the leaves as well as the florets to minimise food waste with this cauliflower, lentil and halloumi salad. To master a classic, follow our step-by-step recipe for a melting cauliflower cheese.



There’s plenty to experiment with in the kitchen – roughly 15,000 different varieties of wild mushroom alone can be found in the UK. Although they grow all year round, autumn is the peak of their season. Embrace the earthy flavour of wild mushrooms with these mini wild mushroom and ricotta pastizzi, a traditional Maltese pastry, or seriously impress at a dinner party by making stuffed chicken with a wild mushroom and brandy sauce.



This root veg is a turnip-cabbage hybrid and has a sweet, earthy flavour. Add swede to hearty autumn dishes such as a beef, swede and barley pie or roast with thyme and hazelnuts as an easy side. For something different, no one will guess swede is the secret ingredient in these fudgy swede and cardamom brownies.


fig pie


Fragrant figs have a rich jammy taste and a soft, chewy texture that works in sweet or savoury recipes. Figs don’t ripen after picking, so select plump fruits with unbroken skins. Bake into a fig custard tart for a striking autumn dessert, or finely slice into a light goat’s curd, fig and beetroot salad.



Savoy cabbage

This dark green, crinkly cabbage has a sweet, earthy flavour and is great eaten cooked or raw. Try roasting in wedges and drizzling with a bold blue cheese dressing, or cook up a comforting savoy, chorizo and borlotti bean broth.

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