Things Poundstretcher Love About Autumn

With autumn in full swing, Poundtretcher have shared their top 10 things about autumn!

1. Being able to layer up

As it gets colder and dark, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on our Cosy Toes Socks, Cosy Boots, and Snuggle Socks that will keep your feet nice and toasty!


2. Candles

Candles are a simple environmentally friendly way to light up your home! It gives you the perfect homey atmosphere and saves electricity! Opt for Poundstretcher’s range of scented candles that will add a wonderful aroma to your home during the colder seasons.


3. Hot Drinks

You can finally sip on a nice warm mug of Hot Chocolate with plenty of whipped cream and marshmallows whilst sitting by the fireplace watching your favourite TV shows!

4. Wrapping up in throws and blankets

When it’s cold outside, there is no need to be cold inside! Autumn is the perfect excuse to lounge on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and being able to relax!

5. Halloween

Halloween is the frightful night everyone looks forward to!The season of trick or treaters, carved pumpkins and plenty of Zombies covered in fake blood.


6.  Bonfire Night!

Fireworks and lights everywhere! What’s not to love about an Autumn Bonfire night? There’s nothing better than keeping warm by a blazing fire and toasting marshmallows!