Does your Dog need a coat this Autumn and Winter?

Lucky for some, certain dogs breeds have naturally long and well insulated coats that help keep them warm when the weather gets tough. Unfortunately, lots of other types of dog are more vulnerable to the cold weather. Helping to identify which breeds need a little extra help, Pets at home have put together a handy breakdown of dog jackets and when they recommend they’re worn.

At what temperature might my dog need a coat?

  • Below 10⁰C – some small to medium-size dogs might need to be walked in a jumper or coat dependent on the length of their fur, activity levels and how long they’ll be outside
  • Below 5⁰C – certain larger dog breeds can begin to become affected by the cold weather and may need to wear a coat. Pay close attention to their fur length, time spent outside and behavior when in the cold
  • Minus 5⁰C or less – Although you know your dog best, please be wary when walking any breed or size of dog in such low temperatures as this can cause frostbite and paw injuries

If the ground on your usual walk is particularly icy or cold, try introducing booties to your dog’s usual walk wear. Although they understand that most pets aren’t used to having their paws covered, they’ll prevent painful injuries caused by ice, snow or slush. To help your dog get used to them, try putting children’s socks or mittens on their feet when comfortable and happy at home.


Why else might my dog need a coat?


Aside from the temperature outside and size of your dog, there are many other complications and conditions that mean your dog will need to wrap up such as age, health and weight. Older dogs are possibly at risk in colder conditions because their joints are stiffer and immune system weakened. To help, try a warm coat and thoroughly dry them when you return from walks.

Dogs with underlying health conditions such as hypothyroidism and arthritis may have difficulties in the cold. Do check with your vet that a warm winter coat will help as it is equally important to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat either!

Puppies, regardless of their breed, should never be left outside unattended on cold winter days as their smaller, growing bodies are highly susceptible to the cold. Make sure you keep a careful eye on them when outside playing and thoroughly dry them before creating a snug and cosy space to rest. Luckily, puppies are spoilt for choice when it comes to cosy and practical options to wear so make sure you do your research when looking for a new puppy coat or jumper.

Whatever the weather this winter (and whatever the type of dog) we’ve got coats for every occasion that have been tried and tested for maximum comfort and safety. If you think your pet would benefit from an extra layer this winter, take a look at Pets at home’s extensive collection: for the late night walkers, try our reflective range, for rainy days shop raincoats or discover knitwear for those casual doggy day dates.