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IWD Tenant Talk with Libby Bell

When I first met Libby, I saw the happy go lucky gym manager, someone with a bright smile and
bundles of enthusiasm for health and wellbeing. A very committed individual who ran a sharp
gym operation. There was something else though I noted early on, the way she spoke and
moved about the gym as manager was first nature to her. She speaks freely with everyone she
meets and actively seeks out conversation with her gym members. She always wants to help, be
it a personal fitness journey, or a shared community project. She pushes, she pulls, she drives,
she leads.


Tenant Talks with Willow Brook Clinic

‘Family.’ This is the first word that comes to mind when talking with anyone at Willow Brook Clinic, a multidisciplinary practice where the mantra is “Get Well, Stay Well”. There is an unusual warmth to this health care establishment that has been nurtured over the years. I sat down and discussed the clinic with foot health practitioner Moira de Groot who, along with her husband Craig, owns and manages this independent health enterprise.


Tenant Talks with Route 8 Barbers

We sat down with Route 8 Barbers owner Sylvester Okoli. The visionary behind three successful barber shops in the southwest, Sylvester humbly downplays any success and is more excited to talk about his journey and community work.


Back Care Awareness week with Willow Brook Clinic

This week is back care awareness week (3rd – 7th October). Back care is something we should all be interested and invested in as almost all of us go through back problems at some point in our lives. Whether its a mild annoyance that comes and goes, or a debilitating condition and everything else in-between. Its why it is extremely important to care for our backs.

We have spoken with Willow Brook Clinic about how best to care for your back and maintain its good health.


One Great Day at Willow Brook

Willow Brook are taking part in Great Ormond Street Hospital’s ‘One Great Day’ this year!

We will be hosting a funday on the town square to raise vital funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital and Children’s Hospice South West.