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Back to School Inspo

Are you a parent who stocks up on new school wear and supplies at the start of the summer, or someone who waits until the last minute?

Either way we’ve got some Back to School inspiration and tips for you in our latest blog


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Summer Styles You Won’t Want To Miss

The wonderful thing about the age of internet shopping is being able to have a look at the latest trends so you can dash into store and pick up your favourite styles in a flash.

To help the process we thought we’d share some of the must have looks for summer 2021.


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Fidget Frenzy? Let’s keep the kids entertained!

Is your child a fan of the fidget craze that’s sweeping the nation? Or perhaps they’re more into their arts and crafts?

Either way The Works has something to keep the kids entertained this summer. We thought we run through some of the favourite ways to keep them busy!


Aspirations IFA announce the launch of their new brand

Willow Brook based Aspirations IFA have today announced the launch of their new brand. Now known as Aspirations Financial Planning, the firm has undergone an extensive rebrand, showcasing a new logo, website, and a strong reaffirmation of their commitment to their clients and their values.


Keeping Healthy In Lockdown

Want to get out during lockdown? We put together a handy guide of where to go for local walks, runs, or even bike rides to keep you healthy (and sane!). Getting exercise and fresh air has never been as important as it is now. Whether you like to take a stroll to clear your thoughts, or go on family bike rides there is plenty to see around the local area.   



Where To Find Support During Lockdown

The last year has been a stressful one for everyone. Right now, we are in another lockdown for 2021, and it’s normal, and entirely understandable, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, worried or exhausted about the situation and the world around you.

You might be finding it harder than ever at the moment to know how to best look after your mental health and wellbeing, as well as your family and responsibilities.

If you’re struggling, you are not alone. We have advice, tips and helpful information that could really help. 


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