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10 Perfect Pies from Tesco

Everybody loves a pie, and what better time to enjoy one than national pie week!

Tesco have come up with 10 perfect pie recipes to give you a bit of pie inspo for the week!

Tesco’s collection of savoury pie recipes include meaty classics, creamy fish mixes and veggie bakes; with puff pastry, buttery shortcrust and creamy mash toppers. Perfect for a delicious family dinner or comfort food.


10 Perfect Pancake day Recipes with Tesco

Whether you’re looking for an easy pancake recipe to nail with the kids, a creative twist on a classic or something piled high with toppings, Tesco’s perfect sweet and savoury pancake recipes are all you need. So get your whisks ready to blitz up a batter for this year’s Pancake Day feast.


Valentines Day at Harvester

Book now to make the most romantic day of the year a memorable one at Harvester.  Whether it’s a date night or a mate night, they have plenty of tasty dishes to choose from on their Main Menu.


Tesco’s plant based ingredient swaps for Veganuary

If you’re giving Veganuary a go this year, or just trying to get more plant-based meals on the table, an easy place to start is with some plant-based ingredient swaps in your favourite recipes. From vegan mince to ice cream, these handy ingredients mean you can still enjoy all your family favourite meals.


gift guide

Last minute Christmas gifts

Christmas 2021 is almost here! If you’ve left the gift buying to the last minute, here’s some inspiration to ensure there are smiles on the big day.


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