Keeping Healthy In Lockdown

Want to get out during lockdown? We put together a handy guide of where to go for local walks, runs, or even bike rides to keep you healthy (and sane!). Getting exercise and fresh air has never been as important as it is now. Whether you like to take a stroll to clear your thoughts, or go on family bike rides there is plenty to see around the local area.   




Three Brooks Nature Reserve  

The Three Brooks Nature Reserve is a local nature reserve of approximately 44 hectares in Bradley Stoke. It’s named after the Hortham, Patchway, and Stoke Brooks which run through it, meeting at Three Brooks Lake before flowing eastwards back under the M4 motorway as Bradley Brook. 

The Three Brooks local nature reserve is a tranquil area placed right in the middle of Bradley Stoke. The reserve is made up of three bluebell woodlands linked by an important wildlife corridor that includes brooks, ponds areas of rough grassland, species-rich hedgerows and a lake. The rich mix of habitats provides a valuable place for wildlife, providing food and shelter to a wide range of wildlife, including reed buntings, skylarks, great crested newts and slow worms.

Whether you’re wanting to walk the dog, jog or run during lunchtime, cycle with the family or go bird watching there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The reserve is a popular breathing place, being so close to where people live and work. During lockdown, people have been using the nature reserve as a means of escape, going on long, much-needed walks and taking in the quiet and relaxing atmosphere it has to offer. The reserve can get busy during the weekends, but luckily there are so many routes and entry points to choose from, this shouldn’t be much of a hassle. 

p.s – If you fancy a walk through the reserve this week, be sure to bring your wellies as it can get very muddy!

Three Brooks Lake Desilting Works | Bradley Stoke Town Council

A well-signposted network of cycle ways provides well-surfaced paths throughout the reserve for people to explore on foot or cycle the many different habitats. There are many access points into the reserve. For the easiest access, use the entry points at Primrose Bridge, the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke Community School, the Jubilee Centre, or Brook Way. 











As well as calming walks, the nature reserve is home to the The Three Brooks Nature Conservation Group which was formed in February 2005 with the aim of conserving and enhancing the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve for the benefit of local residents and wildlife in Bradley Stoke. The group works to keep the reserve well kept, clean and vibrant, so that your walks, runs and bike rides are as pleasant as possible.

If you want to get fit during lockdown, the reserve is the perfect place to run. Run Together has put together routes for runners of all different skill levels. The routes all start at the entrance to Savages Wood behind the Leisure Centre

The route is mainly flat, with a 100m section of downhill at the start and uphill at the finish and 500m intervals marked out along the way with directional posts as well. There are multiple turn back points, giving runners the option to do 1km, 2km or 3km routes.

If you are more into cycling, whether that be alone or with your family, the nature reserves gravel pathways are mostly flat and perfect for a long bike ride. Better By Bike have made a cycle planner that will plan your bike rides for you if you want to try and reach a certain distance or time. 


Aztec West Business Park

If you like to cycle, Aztec West is the perfect place to do it. Aztec provides a peacefulness to your bike ride, as well as flat terrain and long distances, so it’s the perfect place to get your exercise in without having to navigate around a lot of other people.

Aztec West Business Park, South Gloucestershire

The business park is also home to two duck ponds, so whether your walking, cycling, or running, you can take in all of the peaceful beauty it has to offer.  


Meade Park and Forty Acres

Meade Park is the perfect place for a family walk. The park is surround by trees, woods and pathways.

Forty Acres Nature Reserve is situated just opposite Stoke Gifford’s Meade Park. The reserve is used mostly by dog walkers and families, but can be lovely and peaceful for the lone rambler also. 

p.s – On rainy days, beware of deep puddles in the grass!

053…Sunset on 40 Acres Stoke Gifford – Adrian Kerton



Little Stoke Park and Playing Fields (+ hidden hills)

If you fancy a long, quite walk, whether that’s with your family, or alone, Little Stoke Park is a great place to go and get some fresh air. 

If you fancy a long run, Little Stoke Park off a circular loop that is 1.4km long and completely flat terrain. For your run., start on the Little Stoke Lane/Maple Close side of the Park, run the whole loop to finish back where you started. The circular loop of the park is 1.4 km all of which is on flat, even paths, perfect for the absolute beginner.

Two laps of the park is just short of 3k, the perfect distance for the improving runners.  Three laps of the park with a finish at the community hall is 4km. For those runners wanting a little more of a challenge, three complete laps, plus the added finishing section through the middle of the playing fields makes up an accurately measured 5k route which is also the Saturday morning Parkrun route. The route has been marked with 1km Run England 3-2-1 markers for training and timing purposes. On the grass lap, please keep off the football pitches – There is a section of grass through the middle of the field for runners and walkers. 


Little Stoke Park also has two playgrounds. One is primarily for younger children with swings and monkey bars, while the other boasts zip lines and a large basket swing.  The park also has a BMX track near the edge of the park, and lots of decorative trees as you walk down the pathway. 

Across the road from Little Stoke Park sits Little Stoke playing fields. The fields are mostly used for football training, but is also used by families wanting to go somewhere a little quieter than the park, or dog walkers who want to be able to use the whole field for themselves. The fields are completely quiet within the week, and the weekends only see one or two people using it, so if you’re looking for somewhere quite to walk your dog, or be with you family, the playing fields are the perfect spot. 

p.s – On rainy days it can get quite muddy, so bring your wellies!

If you follow the pathway left out of the playing fields, you’ll soon come across another patch of grassland. It boasts hidden hills and a small wooded area. Over the years, this spot has become the best for snowy days, but is also lovely and peaceful to walk around, whether it be raining or shining. The hills can be slippery and muddy, but are perfect for family walks and walking your dog. 


Gorse Covert, Scotts Park and BMX Track

Gorse Covert is a small local nature reserve. It is a little oasis for people, and wildlife living in Patchway.  

The small woodland is surrounded by housing on the north and south sides. A public path enters the woodland from Coniston Road and this and many other informal paths within the wood are well used by local people. A popular cycle path that connects Cribbs Causeway to the Bristol North Fringe runs alongside the woodland. An active conservation group helps to look after the reserve.     

Within Patchway, you’ll also find Scotts Park. The park is the perfect place for a walk with your family, or for the lone rambler wanting to get out and get some exercise. Within the park there is a small skate track. 

Just a short walk from Scotts Park, there is also a BMX Track (the tumps) used by young amateur’s and professionals alike.



Want to get out and try a few of the places we’ve mentioned above? Don’t have any sports gear? 


If you’re in need of bikes, accessories and outfits, GIANT have you covered. 



If you’re looking for a pair of wellies, or some running kit, F+F have got you sorted with a huge range of designs and styles to choose from!



If long walks aren’t for you, why not try Couch to 5K, P.E with Joe, or other home workouts. 


Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K is a running plan for absolute beginners. It was developed by a new runner, Josh Clark, who wanted to help his 50-something mum get off the couch and start running, too. The plan involves 3 runs a week, with a day of rest in between, and a different schedule for each of the 9 weeks. Couch to 5K is for everyone. Whether you’ve never run before or you just want to get more active, Couch to 5K is a free and easy way of getting fitter and healthier. There are plenty of benefits from getting into running. For starters, it’s an easy way of improving your physical health. Running requires little equipment, but a good pair of running shoes that suit your foot type may help improve comfort. Running regularly will improve the health of your heart and lungs. It can also help you lose weight, especially if combined with a healthy diet. Running regularly can also be a great stress reliever and has even been shown to combat depression. 

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P.E with Joe

If you’ve got children at home, and don’t want them missing out on vital exercise, why not give P.E with Joe a go! His workouts are all saved on YouTube, and you can participate live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week. 

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