Reflections top tips for gowning your hair

Most of us would love to have long, voluminous hair but in order to get the hair of our dreams, we need to give it the best start possible. Here are Reflections top tips to help your hair reach its full potential:

Diet – maintaining a healthy diet rich in protein is imperative when it comes to growing your hair as this will help to build your hair from within. Foods rich in good fats such as Avocados will help to give hair shine and touchability and citrus fruit and veg containing Vitamin C will help to boost your collagen production.

Shampooing – try to wash your hair only when needed (only to remove product build up and oil), use the minimum amount needed and consider sulphate free shampoo (many high st shampoos contain sulphates and it can strip your hair’s natural oil). Always follow up with a great conditioner and a regular mask/treatment.

Cut your hair – Counterintuitive we know! But regular trims, around every 8 – 10 weeks, really are so important. Having split ends can cause your hair to break and will leave you with thin, wispy ends.

Heating tools – Dryers, straighteners and wands are great, we’re never going to stop using them. But by limiting their use and ensuring we use the right supporting products, we can limit the damage they can potentially cause (ask your Stylist for details on a range of products that are great at just this).

Take all these tops tips into consideration and you are giving your hair the best environment in which to grow.